Threatened Species

  • Durée de préparation
  • Durée de réalisation
  • Niveau d'enseignement
    Elementary: Cycle 3
  • Domaine de formation
    Environmental awareness and consumer rights and responsibilities
  • Domaine d'apprentissage
    English as a Second Language

Matériel requis

Intention pédagogique


Create a PowerPoint slideshow based on an English text on threatened species and present it to the class.

Explain that students must choose a threatened species from the list on the 1000 Days for the Planet website, summarize the article on that species, create a five-slide PowerPoint presentation, and present it to the class (in English).

A) Students base their work on the Biodiversity/Threatened Species section of the 1000 Days for the Planet website.

- Consult the list of threatened species and select one. – Read the text and summarize it on paper. – Select images to be used in the presentation. – Copy images to the desktop and take note of their source.

B) Students create PowerPoint presentation.
Note: To be effective, a slideshow presentation should synthesize the subject – Create five slides that summarize the subject. – Insert text and images, being sure to include the sources.

C) Presentation to class
Students present their slideshows and explain their subject to the rest of the class.
Students express their appreciation of their fellow students’ work