• Introduction

    So much to share from the Sedna IV! 1000 days of adventure, mission logs, marvel and reflections on the state of our planet—this is what Jean Lemire and his crew are proposing for you through this website, which has been designed both for the general public and for educational purposes for students of all levels. The EDUCATION portal offers youth and teachers a list of activities as well as two large-scale educational projects that can be developed in class. This section also features photos, videos, scientific records and other learning resources for all levels of teaching and learning.

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    You will find two portals rich with information. Discover what each one has to offer.

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    Sign your class up now and share this great adventure with your students by participating in the two following projects:

  • List of activities

    This list contains activities designed for elementary and high school students. Created in accordance with the Quebec Education Program (QEP) by the Sedna IV educational team and its partners, it offers activities pertaining to education about the environment in many areas of learning as well as suggestions on how to use the site “1,000 Days for the Planet” in the classroom.

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  • Resources

    Several resources have been made available to the general public and to schools, including:


    The logbook is published on the site from Monday to Friday. Each entry is a narrative of life on board the Sedna IV and focuses on one particular environmental problem faced by the Sedna IV crew and its scientific partners. Always written with an emphasis on the “human aspect” of the expedition, the Sedna IV logbook will be a delight to virtual sailors of all ages.

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    Every week, new scientific records are added to the site. Easy to access and understand, these records illustrate visually and attractively the environmental issues threatening the species encountered by the Sedna IV. These short texts provide explanations of the issues and are accompanied by maps, graphics or photographs.

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    Every Friday, the Sedna IV team posts a video featuring the highlights of the week. These captivating videos show images of all the animals happened upon during the expedition as well as the significant environmental problems encountered. The broadcasts provide a lively and engaging depiction of the team’s discoveries and adventures.

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    From Monday to Friday, new unreleased photos from the four corners of the world are published on the site in high resolution.

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    Send your questions and comments to: education@1000jours.com

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