The renowned sailing ship, SEDNA IV, returns home after a three-year voyage around the world, evaluating the state of the planet. From the Arctic to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the crew document the important environmental changes taking place in areas they first visited in an expedition 15 years ago. The pack ice in the Arctic is melting faster and faster, and marine life in the St. Lawrence is struggling to adapt to the devastating effects of continual climate change.

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  • The blue whale: the long road

    An extraordinary journey to the heart of the great whales of the Gulf of St. Lawrence! Jean Lemire and the crew of the SEDNA IV sailing ship accompany scientists in their research to better understand the movements of whales in the St. Lawrence. After more than 30 years of dedication and research, the researchers managed to follow the first migratory routes of the largest animal in history, the blue whale.

    AIR DATE: MARCH 20, 20:00, CANAL D

  • The Arctic: the sinking of traditions

    A voyage through breathtaking images in the depths of the Arctic! Jean Lemire and the SEDNA IV crew return to the Arctic to document the devastating effects of climate change. Almost 15 years after the successful crossing of the Northwest Passage, the famous sailing ship sails in the wake of that first major expedition to see the environmental transformations that now threaten all inhabitants of the Far North.

    AIR DATE: MARCH 27, 20:00, CANAL D

  • The St. Lawrence: A Fishing Story?

    Fishing has long been at the heart of maritime traditions for the many fishing villages in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. While overfishing has destroyed one of the largest fish stocks in the Atlantic, it has also undermined traditions. Today, new threats prevent the growth of groundfish populations, such as cod.

    AIR DATE: APRIL 3, 20:00, CANAL D

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